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Carly Sutherland

Carly Sutherland


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 We here at Truland Homes are often looking for ways to support the community, and once we got involved with the Under His Wings organization...we knew just how to help. We are excited to announce that this year we will be building a home for the girls with hopes to have it completed this year! 

Under His Wings- a name derived from The Bible, Psalm 91:4- originally opened it’s doors in The Summer of 2013. It is a 501c3 non-profit originally created in 2012, managed by a Board of Directors with the same vision and mission. This organization is a safe place for girls to find ‘refuge, renewal and a restored relationship with God’. The true and wholesome mission of Under His Wings is as follows;

The mission of Under His Wings is to provide a loving Christian home for at-risk teenage girls, connect them to who they are in the eyes of God and equip them with life skills essential to wholeness.

This establishment is a residential home for troubled girls under the age of nineteen. They offer counseling for both the girl and her family, support of education, as well as the opportunity to live safely in a loving environment meant to establish a sense of home as much as possible. The programs which Under His Wings provides include an accredited curriculum at an on-site school, tutors, individualized educational plans, house parents, counseling, instruction in life skills as well as creative outlets, and opportunities to help others in need through volunteering. This program also offers a number of volunteers on site to coordinate projects pertaining, but not limited, to art, music, field trips and volunteering themselves. This center also allows these girls the wonderful opportunity for weekly equine therapy, which can play an incredible role on the path to healing. Under His Wings includes the family of the residents as much as possible in the process, and aim to train and equip families for their roles to better navigate their family relationships. They truly are dedicated to the overall reunion of the family, and the best thing for the girls.

The vision of Under His Wings is as follows:

The vision for Under His Wings began in the heart of God.   His plan of redemption calls for every one of us to experience His love and grace, and webelieve our home is simply fulfilling that desire for these girls who’ve lost theirway.   He wants them to experience His love and to realize who they werecreated to be. He desperately wants to show them they can have hope…because He loves them.  He wants them to experience the life He planned for them – a life of grace and mercy. He wants them to see how special they are in His eyes, while they seek refuge and renewal at Under His Wings.

In their effort to advocate for these individuals, and further pursue the betterment of the girls, Under His Wings as a non-profit organization relies heavily on assistance from the community and good samaritans alike.

Please consider the opportunity to give back to your community, and support a simply incredible cause by donating to Under His Wings. They also provide the option to give in memory/honor of a loved one. You can find information about current sponsors/partners and how you can get involved here.

 You can contact Under His Wings here.

Here at Truland Homes we love giving back to our community! If you would like more information about our involvement, you can find it here.