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Truland Homes Partners With Make-A-Wish Foundation To Grant Local Boy’s Wish


Last week, Truland Homes had the tremendous honor of partnering with the Make-A-Wish foundation to help grant young Shephard Hall’s wish.

Shephard Hall is a courageous 3-year-old boy from Daphne, AL who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia last year.

When asked what his wish would be, Shephard responded by saying he wanted to go to Disney World and meet Mickey with his family. “He has always wanted to go to Disney World, and we were truly blessed by Truland Homes and Make-A-Wish” Brady Hall told Local 15 News about her son’s dream.

Before the end of the year, Shephard, dad Matthew, mom Brady, older brother Sanders and twin brother Sawyer will all make their way to Disney and that wish will come true.

After interacting with the Hall family and having the opportunity to spend time with little Shephard, Truland Homes found themselves being extremely impressed with the faith and courage displayed by the entire family.

“They deserve it. Instead of us looking at it like we are making an impact in their lives, which we hope we are, we are finding that they are making an impact back into the community,” President Tom Stokes told reporters.

Though there is still an arduous road ahead, doctors expect Shephard to be cancer-free by 2016 – something that will answer the prayers of the Hall family, their friends, and countless supporters.

Learn more about Shephard’s wish from Local 15 News and keep up with Shephard and his family on their Facebook page.