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Serving Pieces to Use for Your First Party in Your New Truland Home

After you buy a Truland home, you will probably want to gather your friends and family and show it off. That’s why we have gathered this information and collected tips and tricks to make sure your party presentation is on spot! Having just the right presentation at your table will set off the aesthetic quality of your dining area, so you want to do it right and with the correct serving pieces. Make sure you consider the serving pieces that will best suit the season and your food presentation. Here is what we found!

Spring and Summer Serving Pieces:
If mostly cold foods will be served at your gathering, then Sterling Silver Platters to accommodate meats and cheeses for sandwiches are a must. These should be set with large serving forks, two per platter depending on where they are placed on the table, or on a sideboard in a dining room. Often you can find serving sets that include your basics, so don’t stress.Fotolia_115163960_Subscription_Monthly_M.jpg

Cold salads such as cucumber salad or pasta salad are great for Spring and Summer as well. These type foods look great in silver-plated serving bowls like these by Revere. They have a liner especially designed for ice. Simply put a layer of ice in the silver bowl, place the liner on top of it and put your cold pasta salads or leaf salads in. That’s all it takes to insure your dishes stay fresh and crisp all day! Remember that each bowl should have a large serving spoon or pasta server next to it and don’t forget a spoon holder or small side dish to catch any pesky dressing residue!

Keep in mind that finishing touches are what can take your table from drab to fab. So, make sure your napkins are presentable! You can either set each napkin on top of each place setting or position them on a sideboard table in a basket. Each napkin can be triangularly folded and held in place with a shining sterling silver napkin ring like this. 

Now on to refreshments. Remember to keep several sterling silver ice buckets set aside with either an ice scoop to the side or ice tongs clipped around the knob on the bucket’s top. 

Fall and Winter Serving Pieces:
Let’s cozy in and talk about our favorite time of year with a holiday presentation. Fall and winter usually call for more comfort food to be presented which means chafing dishes to keep the food warm. Depending on how many entrees you serve, the minimum amount of these should be three which always makes a serving table look uniformed and classy. Here’s a delicious recipe from Tinsel Box for your next holiday get together!

 Don’t forget that your guests might need some extra warmth for fall and winter, so to the side, provide a sterling silver hot chocolate urn presented with either someone dedicated to serving the guests, or coffee cups uniformly placed next to the urn for guests to help themselves. 

All Season Serving Pieces:
For every party, no matter the time of year, be sure to provide guests with delicious appetizers and desserts. For appetizers, we suggest cheese and wine. Take a look at this Cheese board with knife we found! Each set comes with a knife, flat server and some even come with cheese scoops if you serve softer cheeses as well. For desserts, make sure that you have silver coffee urn and pie servers. No matter what time of the year, guests will love a slice of apple pie and a cup of coffee!

Taking Care of your Sterling Silver Pieces 
We have told you about all of our favorite serving pieces, now the question is how to take care of them.

When you are done using your serving pieces, sterling silver needs to be washed as soon as possible to keep it from tarnishing or staining permanently. Some people prefer to hand wash all of their sterling silver, but most manufacturers of sterling silver today have dishwasher safe silver. If you choose a gold-accented pattern, this will even fare well in the dishwasher. 

It is recommended that once it is done in the washer, it shouldbe removed from the dishwasher and hand dried with a soft cloth. Most stores that sell sterling silver also carry spray or liquid polish for sterling silver accessories. They can recommend the best polish for cleaning. Do not use anything that is abrasive and always clean with a soft, dry cloth. 

Storage is key as well. It is best to store in a dry place such as a wooden chest as moisture will lead to the rapid tarnishing of the pieces. 

We’ve discussed some of our favorite finds, so now it’s time for you to put them to use! Visit Silver Superstore for more choices of platters and serving pieces like the ones mentioned above!